4 Ways to Organically Clean Wooden Wine Boxes

If dust has settled on your wooden wine boxes, there are several ways to clean them up. Many of the store-bought cleaners have harsh chemicals, but you can make your own eco-friendly cleaner with some basic grocery store ingredients. Here are the top four ways you can organically refresh your wooden wine boxes.

1. Vinegar

Vinegar is well known for its all-purpose cleaning ability. To make a vinegar cleaning solution for wood, mix four parts water with one part white vinegar in a squirt bottle. Be sure to use white vinegar. Add one or two drops of olive oil, like the kind you use for cooking. Shake the ingredients well because the oil will naturally want to separate from the vinegar, but rigorous shaking will get them to combine. After shaking, squirt the cleaner onto a soft, clean towel and wipe down the wooden wine boxes. If you are going to be cleaning several boxes, you will probably need to shake it again. There is no need to rinse the wood.

2. Alcohol

This type of cleaner will help lift away grimy build-up, and the cleaning alcohol can be found at most variety-store pharmacies. There are two types of alcohol, one is denatured, and the other is rubbing. You want to purchase the rubbing alcohol, which is a 70% solution. The ratio is the same as the vinegar recipe. Mix four parts water to one part rubbing alcohol. In this recipe, instead of adding olive oil, you can add one or two drops of dish soap. Only add a few drops; otherwise, it will become too sudsy. Shake the solution and spray some on your towel or rag. Wipe down the boxes. You do not need to rinse this solution off either. You may want to consult with Ekan Concepts inc for more information.

3. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice breaks down oil, and it makes an effective cleaner, but it can be drying also. To mix this cleaner use four parts water to one part lemon juice and add one to two drops of coconut oil. The coconut oil will help shine and nourish the wooden wine boxes. Mix all the ingredients well, apply to a cloth, and rub it onto the wood. No rinsing is required.

4. Vacuum

The best way to clean wooden boxes without any chemicals is to see if you can loosen the dirt and dust with a vacuum. First, remove everything you can with a dusting cloth. After wiping the boxes down, both inside and out, pass the vacuum’s wand attachment over the wood and joints. It should pull out any remaining debris. If some spots will not budge, dampen a soft cloth with water and see if you can softly clean the edges and boards. If pure water does not do the trick, you may need to resort to one of the recipes above.

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