5 Commercial Locks Maintenance Tips

The credit for increased lock lifespan doesn’t go to the achievements of a locksmith alone. Instead, it is true that manufacturers are using innovative technology and better materials to make the present-day locks. However, a maintenance program will still be necessary for keeping the lock running smooth.

1. Lubrication

Similar to equipment that requires an oil change after running for a specific period or every few months, locks too need inspection and lubrication every year. Lubrication would help get rid of any accumulated dirt and debris that may make the lock jam.

For better results, homeowners should try Teflon or graphite lubricants for lubricating the latch, the hinges, and the bolt as well.

2. Keys Replacement

Passkey usually has a shorter lifespan than the lock itself. That means continued use of a worn-out, or damaged key can tamper with the functionality of a lock. Having several copies of the original keys can raise the odds of cropping up with the lock.

Instead, experts recommend having spare keys that are similar to the original ones as they are less likely to crop up with the locks. Keep spare keys in a secure place so that you don’t lose them. Use these spare keys once the original key bends or its teeth wear out or gets chipped.

3. Hardware Maintenance

Maintenance of the hardware of a lock remains the best option for anyone to go for. Any minor issue such as loose screws can jam a door lock, resulting in you contacting a professional locksmith to open house door. These loose door locks aren’t only a safety hazard but also a potential security risk.

4. Abuse

Similar to a car, bolts on a door lock are often subject to misuse or mishandling. Whereas vehicles have to face rain, snow, and potholes abuses, locks too face mistreatments in the form of inserting wrong keys in the keyhole and slammed doors. Other mishandlings include mistakes like cleaning the door lock with water or attempts by burglars to open the lock with wrong keys.

Though a door lock may not be as costly as a car, those few dollars that you spent on a lock are worth protecting. Instead of neglecting the lock and opting for a new one, experts recommend regular maintenance for durability. You should contact a locksmith to open house door if you find yourself unable to open the door.

5. Aerosol Lock De-Icer

Snow Car 201905-001

It is a weather scenario that causes door locks to freeze up. The initial response to this situation is forceful use of the key to try to turn the lock. However, that could result in the weakening of the bolt and the passkey as well.

Instead, experts recommend the use of a lock de-icer tube to try to resolve any issue with a frozen lock without damaging any other component. The best way to warm a key before using it to open a frozen door lock is to put in hot water.

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