5 Potential Pitfalls You Need to Avoid When Purchasing a New Furnace

As a homeowner, you have to replace your furnace at one point, regardless how well you maintain it. If you are looking for new equipment, you should be aware that there are several pitfalls that await you. Being aware of these pitfalls will help you not to make mistakes like many buyers do. Read through this post before you make your final purchasing decision.

1 Purchasing Any Equipment You Come Across

You should be aware that not every equipment will work effectively in your house. Some equipment are made using substandard materials that will only lead to higher electricity bills, mold buildup, increased staining as well as frequent furnace repairs Newmarket. It is wise you do some research online first before you go to the store. Look at the energy rating and the manufacturer of the furnace. Choose something that comes from a reputable manufacturer and has a higher energy star rating.

2 Ignoring the SEER Rating

The seasonal energy efficiency (SEER) ratio is an important aspect you cannot afford to ignore when purchasing a furnace. This ratio indicates just how energy-efficient the equipment is once it begins to operate. A rating of 13 is generally acceptable. However, we recommend you look for something that comes with a rating of 16 and above. Such ratings can reduce your electricity bills significantly.

3 Not Considering the Environmental Impact of the Equipment

Home furnaces are different when it comes to their environmental impacts. You need to ensure that the equipment you are purchasing has minimal effects on the environment. This is very important, especially with the growing concerns on hazardous home items. Try and avoid gas furnaces since they release a lot of toxic materials. Instead, use electric furnaces.

4 Choosing a Cheap Product

Many people get excited with the lowest price, forgetting that cheap is very expensive. Sometimes rogue manufacturers use low prices to compensate for using substandard materials when making the furnace. Take your time and do research on at least five products from different manufacturers. Visit online review platforms and see what people say about the product or manufacturer. Doing this will make you more confident when choosing between the furnaces.

5 Failing to Hire an Installation Company

Some people choose to install their furnaces on their own. This is very dangerous, especially if you don’t have any experience in installing furnaces. You could fall dangerously or suffer burns from an electric shock. Hire a professional installation company to do the job. Make sure the company has the right tools and experienced staff. Also, make sure they have a valid license and insurance coverage. You don’t want to be held financially responsible for any injury or property damage that occurs.

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