A Guide to Ordering at a Deli

A good deli makes for a quick meal without sacrificing quality. After all, most of the items available are right ready to go or require minimal preparation. That is why many people in the workforce consider this as a prime option for a speedy lunch that doesn’t leave an empty feeling. However, ordering may be a little more complicated than it seems at first glance.

Don’t Underestimate the Bread

Something that often is taken for granted in a good sandwich is the bread. The decisions these days go far beyond white or wheat. Many deli Dundas Ontario will have all sorts of options, from multi-grains to parmesan blends. Everyone’s taste is different, but usually the person behind the counter can give you a pretty good idea of what breads blend with what type of sandwich the best. Don’t be afraid to ask for their expert advice. Also, don’t hesitate to inquire about which bread is the freshest. Finding out how long it’s been sitting there can really give you a clue about how the finished product may turn out. After all, stale bread can really ruin an otherwise delicious sandwich.

Go For All the Fixings

After the bread comes the meats and cheeses. A lot of delis will let you sample a bit of the meat to make sure you are getting a cut that is to your liking before it is slathered all over a sandwich. Don’t be shy and try a few selections before you make your final choice. Almost every meat has a cheese complement, so find out which styles go best with the one you choose. Then, we have the fixings. A good deli should have a fine array of fresh vegetables to choose from, and also several sauces. This can range from mayonnaise to vinaigrettes to specialty sauces. A good way to finish it off is with some old-fashioned salt and pepper or even oregano or red pepper flakes.

Preparation is Key

All that is just the beginning. Now you have to decide how you want it prepared. Some delis may press it panini-style. Others might just toast it an oven. Some dishes are best served cold. The person serving you likely knows the perfect way to fix it for you if you just ask, and then you can make small changes to suit your particular tastes.

Grabbing a meal at the local deli may seem boring to some people. It’s just a sandwich. However, if you really delve into that menu, you can find literally hundreds of different deli experiences on that menu. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice from the experts and try them all.

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