Ironic Physiotherapy Myths Debunked

Physiotherapy is a vital aspect of health, especially when it comes to dealing with injuries and other physical problems with your body. Unfortunately, there are a ton of myths out there regarding the efficacy of certain physiotherapy procedures that have become commonly practiced without any scientific backing. Some of these myths are downright ridiculous when you take a moment to consider them, but many patients believe the treatments to be effective because they were recommended by a doctor.
It’s important to remember that doctors are people too, and they are susceptible to mistakes and shady behavior just like everyone else. The following contains several examples of physiotherapy Richmond Hill myths that have been debunked by modern science.
Runners Should Stretch Before And After RunningThere is absolutely no evidence that stretching before a run will prevent muscle strain, soreness, or other injuries. It is a common misconception that your body must be warmed up and stretched before exercise in order to prevent damage, but the opposite is actually true. Stretching before a run can actually cause problems with the joints in your legs.

Neck Braces For Whiplash

You’ve probably seen someone wearing a simple neck brace and thought they must have done something serious if such a stable brace is needed for the sensitive area that is the neck. However, unless there has been significant damage in the form of a spinal fracture, there is no reason to wear a neck brace. In fact, it has been shown that patients who wear a neck brace after experiencing whiplash often have a harder time recovering from the strain. That’s because the best way to treat whiplash is through slow, steady increasing motion until the strain has been worked out. Wearing a brace after whiplash can cause additional stiffness and swelling.

Your Mattress Affects Back Pain

There are a lot of people out there who have trouble sleeping comfortably, so they go and purchase a new mattress that otherwise would be prohibitively expensive. The sad truth of the matter is that there is no evidence linking a certain type or brand of mattress to a decrease in back pain. If you experience back pain that you believe is a result of your mattress, don’t bother shelling out a fortune for a new, expensive model. A quick visit to the physiotherapist might do the trick at a fraction of the cost.

Treating Sprained Ankles With Ultrasound

While some doctors will boast of the medical benefits that go along with receiving an ultrasound to treat a sprained ankle, there is no evidence that sort of treatment is effective. Ultrasound is an expensive procedure that requires very little on the part of the physician, so doctors are more than willing to try what amounts to a completely unnecessary procedure in order to offer some sort of relief from a sprained ankle, even if that relief will never come.

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