Summer Camp Hacks | LIFE HACKS FOR KIDS [Video Transcript]

(singing) If you got nothing to do, well I’ve got a couple of tricks for you. Take a look at these vids, ’cause it’s Lifehacks For Kids.

Hi. I’m Sunny. Today’s episode is: Superb Summer Camp Hacks. Summer is here, and I’m off to camp. The swimming, the smores, the mosquitoes. Oh well. It’s all part of the fun. Whether you’re going to a summer camp in the forest, or glam-ping with your best friends in the living room, I’ve got some hacks that will make you a champ at any camp. Let’s start by taking care of these mosquitoes, with my muski-totally gone bracelet.

For this, we’ll need leather cord, some charms, scissors, and citronella oil. First, cut the leather cord in the length you need for your wrap bracelet. String a charm onto the cord. Next, drop a few drops of the citronella oil directly onto the leather cord. This natural oil repels mosquitoes. Wrap around our wrist, and tie. Now, I’m mosquito-free, fashionably.

Let’s keep my passion for summer camps Toronto fashion going with my cool kool-aid tie-dye. For this, you’ll need a t-shirt, kool-aid, rubber bands, a squirt bottle, a measuring cup, and water. In a squirt bottle, mix one cup of water with a pack of kool-aid. Shake it up. Do the same with different kool-aid colors. Lay the t-shirt out flat, and twist the center of the shirt, until it’s in a spiral ball. Wrap a few rubber bands around the shirt, nice and tight. Squirt different colors of kool-aid onto different sections of the shirt. You may want to protect your work surface. This can get messy. When you’ve added all the color you want, let it sit for a few hours. The colors will lighten a little as it begins to dry. Take of the rubber bands and lay the shirt out to finish drying. My cool kool-aid tie-dye. It’s cool. Get it? Kool-aid. Cool.

Looks like it’s getting dark. Yes. Night time is the right time for my final hack, light and lovely lantern. For this, you’ll need scissors, an empty plastic peanut butter jar, two lids for the jar, a knife, twine, hot glue, an LED tea-light candle, and wax paper. Make sure there are no labels on the plastic jar. Cut the wax paper to fit around the inside of the jar. Glue it closed to make a tube and place it inside. Next, cut a small whole just off center of one of the lids. Get an adult to help with this. Now, line up the switch of the tea-light candle over the hole, and hot-glue it in place. Screw the lid back on the jar. Next, hot-glue the ends of the twine on the inside of the other lid. Glue this lid to the bottom of the jar and flip over. Turn the light on, and voila.

My bags are packed, and my hacks are hacked. Camping, here I come. Happy summer, friends! See you next time on Lifehacks For Kids.

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Bingo! I mean, Jean-go!


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