Top four Benefits of Vaping Compared to Smoking

Are you a smoker and you have been recently thinking of switching to vape, if yes, then probably you have been thinking right. To start with, vape has never been proved as good, but for some reasons, it is better compared to cigarette smoking. In this case, we have decided to further our research on what benefits an individual can be exposed to with vape compared to smoking.

1. Low Health Risk

Cigarette smoking can be a threat to individual health, but with Vape, it is precisely the opposite. In fact, it has been found that it is the easiest way to quit smoking. As opposed to vape, there has been a huge number of death cases with smoking. This, as a result, is because cigarettes have been found to contain various chemicals. Research has concluded that these chemicals add up to about 4000, and to make it worse, 60 out of this figure are carcinogenic. In addition, smoking has been the main course of severe health complications such as cancer, emphysema, and stroke among others. There has not been any health complication, or death cases reported. Again, vaping has proven to be in addictive since it contains no nicotine. It is, therefore, considered a safer and healthier alternative to smoking.

2. Fair Cost

Vaping is cheaper compared to smoking, once one purchases the starter kit, one has no other business acquiring another. This is because, a starter kit, as compared to a cigarette smoke, does not burn. Besides, routine buying of cigarettes can cost a smoker up to about 2900 pounds annually. On the other hand, vaping only requires the replacement of few parts. These parts are significantly pocket-friendly. For instance, an individual has to replace the occasional battery, coils, and e-liquids, which costs only 5.19 pounds among others.

3. Extra Safe

Vapers do not need any source of lighting, such as matchbox, to carry out the process. This, in comparison to smoking, is more reliable and environmentally friendly. Also, this means that during vaping, there is no fire or combustion involved. Reports say that almost a third of in-house fires experienced worldwide is mainly because of combustion as with cigarettes. For these reasons, the high rates of inherent risks posed by smoking are no longer applicable with vaping.

4. Pleasant Smell

Cigarette smoke is unhealthy and can eventually lead to foul smell especially to one’s mouth. The smell can be irritating that even smokers easily realize it after quitting smoking. What makes vaping interesting, is mainly the flavoured vapour and the ability for one to choose from different varieties. In some cases when one uses a dry Herb Vaporizer, there is no much differnce with smoking. This is because, dry herb vaporizer Canada also have a combustion process as cigarettes, and hence it can lead to health complications. However, vapor, compared to smoke, does not stay long in the air before settling as smoke does. This gives it a good feature since one does not pose a risk of having the tale smoke all over. While cigarette stains remain a big challenge to smokers, vape, on the other hand, is efficient and reliable.

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