5 Tips for Moving Pets to a New Home

Moving is a stressful process. But, imagine how it feels like for your dog or cat that cannot read or understand the activities taking place. Moving is more stressful for pets than human beings because they cannot comprehend anything including the movers in the house. That is why you should look out for your pets during the moving process so that you prevent them from getting stressed. Remember to co-ordinate with movers like Matco if you have pets.

1. Give your pets a calm and silent environment
Moving is frightening to animals especially with the decluttering and packing process that can cause chaos in the house. Also, the presence of strange movers, containers, and boxes of all sizes can be overwhelming to your pets. You can reduce the discomfort by confining your pet in a silent and calm room in the house. It is also an excellent idea to prevent pets from escaping due to anxiety. You should try to maintain the normal daily lifestyle for the pets, rather than changing their lifestyle, which makes them nervous.

2. Update their chips and tags
You should make sure that you update the collar tags for your pet with your current contact details like address and phone number before you even start packing or loading the first box into the moving truck. Pets sometimes try escaping during the move, and they sometimes succeed in the escape mission when they are scared or nervous. Updated tags will help you in tracing your pets when they escape because someone who finds them roaming around knows the cell number to call. You can also opt for a microchip because it is a useful security measure.

3. Set out a crate or carrier in advance
Your pets should be in a container or carrier as you transport them from one location to another. To prevent instilling fear into your pets, make sure you set out the crates or carriers days before the move so that you give them the chance to adjust to the enclosures if they were not used to them. You can fill the crates or carriers with a treat, one of your T-shirts, or their favored toys.

4. Research on pet regulations
You must check on pet regulations for the new location especially if you are moving overseas. You should also research on the moving regulations for movers and the state because some moving companies do not transport pets. Also, remember to ask about pet rules in your new apartment before you move there.

5. Visit the Vet
You should not forget to visit your vet before relocating to ensure that the vaccinations are updated. Also, you need to have an up-to-date vaccination record and certificates. Your vet will also advise you on the medications for the pet based on your new location. Do not forget to stock enough pills if the pet has an existing condition. Your current vet can refer you to a reliable vet in the new city or state.

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