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4 Myths About Dental Implants

Dental implant

Dental implants are the permanent solution for missing teeth, whether it’s one missing tooth or all of them. Many people are excited about the possibility of getting permanent implants to replace their teeth, but there are many myths about implants that may cause concern and confusion. Here are a few popular implant myths and the true facts behind them.

Myth #1 Dental Implants Cost Too Much
When comparing the cost of implants to the cost of other tooth replacement options, most people don’t take into account money spent in the future. Dentures and bridges continue to cost money for the rest of a person’s life. Bridges are fixed, but they are not permanent and need replacement every 10 years or so. Most denture wearers spend the rest of their lives routinely purchasing special cleaners and denture adhesives, and dentures often need relining and replacement, as often as every five years. Implants are permanent and can last a lifetime. They require no special cleaners, cleaning tools or adhesives.

Myth #2 Full Implants Require Extensive Surgery
An individual implant consists of a titanium post topped by a crown (artificial tooth), but full implants work differently. Full implants consist of a row of teeth that is supported by four to six implants, in some cases as little as four implants can support an entire arch of either upper or lower teeth. So generally if you are getting implants to replace all the teeth in your mouth, you will have comparatively few implants surgically placed. Consult with a dentist like dental implants toronto to determine what kind of surgery is needed for your situation.

Myth #3 Titanium Causes Chronic Headaches
This myth may have been started by a celebrity, who was at a loss to explain his headaches. After asking fans for suggestions, he then claimed that the titanium in his dental implants was the cause. In reality there is no scientific evidence to support the theory that titanium in the body causes headaches. Chronic headaches are often caused by undiagnosed TMJ disorder, which is a jaw problem that can happen to people with implants or those with natural teeth.

Myth #4 I Lost My Teeth Too Long Ago for Implants
While it’s true that for traditional implants a good amount of healthy jaw bone is necessary, there are options for people who are lacking bone because their teeth have been gone for years. One option is bone grafting, and another is a different type of implant. Special implants that are placed at a slight angle are able to support crowns with less bone required.

Although there are some people who are not good candidates for dental implants, you cannot know for sure without having a dental exam and consultation about your oral health and general health history. Seeing your dentist is the only way to find out for sure if implants might be right for you.

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How To Put Together A Gift Basket To Congratulate A New Born

Baby gift basket

If you want to give an expecting mother a gift, oftentimes gift baskets are your best bet. This way, you can incorporate useful baby items with more fun and treasured trinkets for the new born. New moms often want both the essentials and the memories of sentimental gifts. Putting together a creative gift basket is a great way to show you care.

The Basket
Do not waste time with any old basket that will end up in the trash. Rather, use a basket that can later be useful for the family. Perhaps a basket that can hold burp cloths in the dining area, or hold diaper supplies in the nursery. Pick a sturdy basket that will come in handy.

The Essential Contents
No new mother ever has enough of certain things. Diapers, baby wipes, burp cloths, sheets, pacifiers, these are all things that a mother needs in excess. These items are typically inexpensive, so pack the basket with a great variety. Also, splurge a bit on a high quality diaper rash cream. That will be a special essential gift because a little goes a long way and it will help the comfort of the baby.

The Sentimental Contents
Perhaps you want to add a special outfit to the gift basket for the baby to wear. This is a great idea, and very common, but it is also nice to get something that will last a little longer, as the child will quickly grow out of clothing. A stuffed animal, perhaps, or even a specially woven blanket can mean a lot to the mother and to the baby down the road. Additionally, it is quite trendy these days for mothers to have necklaces made out of their breast milk. Perhaps include a gift card or coupon for the mother to have this done once the baby is born. This is a special gift that she will be able to cherish for a long time.

While it is typical to give pink gifts for baby girls and blue gifts for baby boys, this is becoming a bit outdated. Go for yellow or green, or even blue for a girl. Colors are not as important in modern times as they have previously been.

Giving a gift basket is a great choice for a new born if you are not sure what the best item to give is. This way, you can cover all of your bases and make the mother feel like she is all ready to enter motherhood with her useful items, as well as the things that she plans to hold onto for years to come as her baby grows. If you’re unsure what to put in the gift basket or how it will turn out, consider purchasing a professionally put-together gift basket.

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